Kelly Servick

science journalist, staff writer at Science magazine

feature: Future Flock

Will genomic science help the iconic passenger pigeon return from extinction? (My feature for UCSC’s Science Communication Program, also published on

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SciAm Q&A: Psychiatry Tries to Aid Traumatized Chimps in Captivity

As some of the world’s last laboratory chimpanzees retire to sanctuaries, a specialist in evolutionary psychiatry suggests treatment for our captive kin. (Published on Scientific American)

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Probing the Brain’s Final Moments

Organized brain activity in dying rodents could suggest a physical basis for human near-death experiences (ScienceNOW)

MERS Study Reveals Genetic Bouquet

A variety of lineages within the virus could suggest multiple animal sources

The EPA-House battle over pollution data

Ongoing coverage of the House Science Committee’s subpoena to the EPA on the ScienceInsider policy blog

Big Questions for Big Data

Jure Leskovec uses information collected from sites like Twitter, Wikipedia and Facebook to tackle big questions about how society works.

radio: A Peaceful Walk in the Impact Zone

The the scenic coastal hills of Fort Ord are destined to be a prime recreation spot …once the live grenades and artillery are cleared.

Evolution’s Clock Ticked Faster at the Dawn of Modern Animals

Study of arthropods estimates the speed of “big bang” in Earth’s diversity (ScienceNOW)

Joining Forces

A Santa Cruz astrophysicist and writer/philosopher are exploring the cosmos together. (A profile in the Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Scientists say: play with your food

On the SciCom class blog: my exploration of the weirdest science you’ll ever eat.

radio: Education at Sea

The O’Neill Sea Odyssey has a special way of introducing kids to the ocean. (A radio segment from aboard the O’Neill catamaran, aired on KUSP)